quinta-feira, agosto 09, 2012

Anyone want to know about my sad life? OKAY HERE IT IS ANYWAY.

okay so like my whole cheerleading squad likes one direction but they're all new EWwWwW should i just quit or what??? when i get back to america they're probably be like OMGGGG VAS HAPPENIN, NANDO'S, KEVIN, ETC. AND I'LL JUST BE LIKE OMFG GET OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I CHOKE YOU WITH A BABY'S UMBILICAL CHORD:)))) this is so depressing okay. and then i'll be making fun of the boys as usual and everyone will yell at me because they don't understand. LIKE WHAT IF I PUNCH ONE OF THEM FOR BEING SO ANNOYING THEN I CAN GET KICKED OFF THE SQUAD RIGHT YAAYYYY ok sorry i had to tell someone about this bye now

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