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BRABARA muito legal o q vc está postando

one direction portugal: Liam and Harry today in london!

one direction portugal: Liam and Harry today in london!

one direction portugal: Liam and Harry today in london!

one direction portugal: Liam and Harry today in london!


You come home to find your boyfriend Liam walking your pup:')


Imagine going shopping with the sass master. You pick out an outfit but it's out of style so he hits you with his Marc Jacobs bag and you get a concussion and die.


You're already asleep when Zayn comes home. He's too tired to even change so he just falls asleep next to you like this<3:)

Self-Made One Shot ~

     It was a usual Sunday night. I was just lying in bed ready to go to sleep, just thinking about everything. All these thoughts rushed to my head. Mostly about Harry, my boyfriend. I had seen him only about a week ago, but even that was too much time apart from him. I missed him. I missed his smell, playing with those lush curls, the stare of his emerald eyes. He'd been so busy lately, with the band and all. Memories of us played like a movie in my head. 
     As I was dozing off to sleep, ready to dream sweet dreams about my Harry, I heard a thump at my window. I ran over quickly and opened it. My eyes widened as I looked down and saw my dreamy boyfriend. A hopeless romantic. This kind of thing was expected from Harry. He waved to me and blew me a kiss. I gestured for him to come up. Obliging, he grabbed onto the ladder and climbed up my fire escape. When he got to my window, he planted a gentle kiss on my lips and I could taste peppermint in my mouth. "I've missed you, Y/N" I told him I loved him and he returned the favor. We barely talked, but we didn't have to. Harry walked over to my bed, and we both lay down. For a long time, we just gazed into each other's eyes until I finally fell asleep, snuggled in his strong arms, feeling safer than ever.

Liam talking with some fans


what a cutie!! ;laksjdlfkajsdf love himmmm

Up to the Date

So apparently when coming out of the studio, Harry and Niall greeted fans but Zayn didn't, that little dickwad. you're so rude zayn i hate you go away you are irrelevant.

 i actually love you more than oxygen sigh.

One Shot that I wrote myself. Enjoyy ~

     I grabbed my Beats and a magazine and jumped onto the loveseat I had in the corner of my room. “Guess this is what my Tuesday night will consist of,” I thought to myself. I mean, what else was there to do, besides the homework I should have been doing, which I would glance at from time to time. As I peacefully read about R-Patz, and K-Stew’s love life, I felt a little vibration underneath the sofa. I ignored it, thinking it may just be my mind playing tricks, as my music was pretty loud, drumming into my ears. But after a few more times, I took off my Beats, annoyed, and realized it was coming from downstairs. 
     I lived in an apartment and new neighbors had just moved in downstairs. With two irritating little siblings, the last thing I needed was annoying neighbors who would constantly be making noise. I decided I should stop it the first time, so they could see my limits couldn’t be pushed. I took the Beats off my neck and threw the magazine to the side. I hurried downstairs and stuck my ears to the neighbors’ door, although it wasn’t necessary. It was clear that a party was going on. “Who the hell has a party on a Tuesday night,” I thought. After listening in for a bit more and only hearing the clanking of beer bottles and loud laughter, I knocked on the door angrily. 
     The door opened quickly and a blonde boy appeared suddenly. I was instantly distracted by his sea blue eyes and had forgotten why I was there. I probably stared for a long time because before I knew it, he had a confused expression on his face. “Um, can I - can I help you?” he said, sweetly. His voice couldn’t be more perfect. He spoke in a beautiful melody, with his Irish accent. “Oh uh, yeah. Well, uh, I um, just came to say that, uh…” Seeing how embarrassed I was, he let out a little giggle, revealing his braces. I’d never seen anyone look so gorgeous with braces on. I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle too. 
     Then, remembering why I came, I hid my smile behind a serious face. “It’s a Tuesday night. Not exactly a good night for a party.” He only smiled slightly and apologized. “Well, I’m Niall. You are?” “Y/N,” I replied, mesmerized by the boy in front of me. “You know, Y/N, I think you're actually just jealous you weren't invited,” He smirked and then winked at me. "How rude of him!," I thought. But who was I kidding, he had the cutest sense of humor and that wink made my heart melt. "Definitely not. I actually have a lot of homework to do, so if you don't mind..." I said, trying to look annoyed. He saw right through my act and said, "Oh come on, you weren't doing homework! I'm gonna be living here a while ya know. We might as well get to know each other" There came the smirk again and my heart raced. I tried so hard to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t help but smile at how care free he seemed. I pretended to think about it for a little while and finally gave in. He welcomed me into his home, and eventually, his heart.

niall horan ''fica sem voz''

Uma das estrelas do One Direction, Niall Horan, foi forçado a sair de uma sessão de gravação depois de ficar doente esta semana.
Os hitmakers que interpretam What Makes You Beautiful estão em estúdio trabalhando em seu segundo albúm, mas o cantor irlandês ficou na cama na quinta para se recuperar depois de ter perdido a voz.
Ele postou em seu twitter :
Acordei sem voz!Oh não… estou doente hoje! Agora vou dormir.
Mais tarde, ele retornou para garantir que os fãs vão amar o novo material da boyband twittando:
Galera, amo muito todos vocês! Nós temos estado no estúdio ultimamente, estaremos voltando com mais músicas nos próximos meses! Preparem-se.
Fonte: Contact Music
Adaptação e tradução: OneDirectionBrasil

filme one direction

 Data da estreia do filme do One Direction é revelada

Finalmente o tão aguardado filme do One Direction recebeu uma data de estreia! Dia 25 de Outubro de 2013 será o dia em que a boyband britânica lançará seu primeiro filme, que é como o “Never Say Never” do cantor Justin Bieber. Uma mistura de documentário com show.
Parece que esse filme gerará mais de 10 milhões de libras para os garotos da banda, que é considerado um negócio arriscado.
Então, só mais 472 dias a partir de hoje (28/07/2012) para o lançamento! Continuem ligados para mais notícias!

fonte: one direction Brasil

Here's Niall in the studio! :D


sorry image isn't too good ;p

Harreh and some fans

Harry, Niall, and Zayn are all at the studio now:)

Eleanor just posted this on Instagram:)

Harry a little while ago..

again, sorry for the image.

Malik Tweet

Zayn just tweeted that he thought the Olympic Ceremony yesterday was great. umm...zayn, you went to bed before it ended.. alright then.

Harry Update..

Harry just got into the studios! :) can't wait for the second album what about you??!

Ed Sheeran Talks About Writing Songs for One Direction:)))


Harry at a shopping center with some fans today

Harry Today

Thought this was funny...

hahahha, their reactionnn

You can get your own Believe in Magic bracelets here:


The Boys Wearing their Believe in Magic Bracelets :D

Poor Niall..

Apparently, the reason Niall looked so upset is because fans mobbed the car he was in:( poor babe
isso é quando alguêm diz que vai ter festa   

olha a cara de preocupação quando a professora diz que vai dar mais lição de casa   :p

Who will be Performing at the Olympics Closing Ceremony...

The Boys' Messages to the Bride and Groom:))

Niall in a Car Just a Few Minutes Ago!

sorry for the image!

One Direction and JLS playing golf! :]


Harry Outside His Hotel Today

Liam Outside the Studio Yesterday

Harry Outside the Studio Yesterday

Danielle Dressed for the Wedding:)

Harry and Ben Foden at the Wedding

Harry After the Wedding Yesterday

Wedding Buzz

Apparently, yesterday, at Marvin and Rochelle's wedding, Harry and Niall got very drunk! haha, will post some pictures! But before everyone gets worked up about the girl Harry is seen with, her name is Una Healy. She's from The Saturdays and she's married and has a baby.

Lez get jiggy

omg this is so hot please touch me where i pee what

Tu:'Verdade ou Desafio?' 'ele:'Desafio :)'
-Tu:' Desafio a conseguires amar-me como eu te amo a ti :$' 
-liam:' Isso não vale, isso não é desafio, isso é a verdade :$'

i don't even know what they're doing but this is so cute. I SHIP ZARRY SO HARD<3
loui : ''acho que se eu foce uma comida u seria uma pimenta, sabe, eu sou bem quente ''   nossa lou o.O

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Rolled Up Sleeve Ranttt

okay, so you know what i really hate?? when the boys roll up their sleeves. like, what the fuck. why do they do that. first of all, they're fucking short sleeves you don't have to roll them up further. if you want it that much, buy a damn tank top. thank you, Niall. oh but wait, harry is a dirty slut that doesn't buy new clothes or change. okay anyway, i just get angry because it's literally like they do it because they know it's sexual and will make us want to throw ourselves off a cliff. it's not fair, okay? okay sorry, had to let that out before i drowned in my own tears.
sessão one direction: 

look, he's calling you me...

if you tell me this is photo shopped i will slit your throat. :)))))