sábado, julho 28, 2012

One Shot that I wrote myself. Enjoyy ~

     I grabbed my Beats and a magazine and jumped onto the loveseat I had in the corner of my room. “Guess this is what my Tuesday night will consist of,” I thought to myself. I mean, what else was there to do, besides the homework I should have been doing, which I would glance at from time to time. As I peacefully read about R-Patz, and K-Stew’s love life, I felt a little vibration underneath the sofa. I ignored it, thinking it may just be my mind playing tricks, as my music was pretty loud, drumming into my ears. But after a few more times, I took off my Beats, annoyed, and realized it was coming from downstairs. 
     I lived in an apartment and new neighbors had just moved in downstairs. With two irritating little siblings, the last thing I needed was annoying neighbors who would constantly be making noise. I decided I should stop it the first time, so they could see my limits couldn’t be pushed. I took the Beats off my neck and threw the magazine to the side. I hurried downstairs and stuck my ears to the neighbors’ door, although it wasn’t necessary. It was clear that a party was going on. “Who the hell has a party on a Tuesday night,” I thought. After listening in for a bit more and only hearing the clanking of beer bottles and loud laughter, I knocked on the door angrily. 
     The door opened quickly and a blonde boy appeared suddenly. I was instantly distracted by his sea blue eyes and had forgotten why I was there. I probably stared for a long time because before I knew it, he had a confused expression on his face. “Um, can I - can I help you?” he said, sweetly. His voice couldn’t be more perfect. He spoke in a beautiful melody, with his Irish accent. “Oh uh, yeah. Well, uh, I um, just came to say that, uh…” Seeing how embarrassed I was, he let out a little giggle, revealing his braces. I’d never seen anyone look so gorgeous with braces on. I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle too. 
     Then, remembering why I came, I hid my smile behind a serious face. “It’s a Tuesday night. Not exactly a good night for a party.” He only smiled slightly and apologized. “Well, I’m Niall. You are?” “Y/N,” I replied, mesmerized by the boy in front of me. “You know, Y/N, I think you're actually just jealous you weren't invited,” He smirked and then winked at me. "How rude of him!," I thought. But who was I kidding, he had the cutest sense of humor and that wink made my heart melt. "Definitely not. I actually have a lot of homework to do, so if you don't mind..." I said, trying to look annoyed. He saw right through my act and said, "Oh come on, you weren't doing homework! I'm gonna be living here a while ya know. We might as well get to know each other" There came the smirk again and my heart raced. I tried so hard to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t help but smile at how care free he seemed. I pretended to think about it for a little while and finally gave in. He welcomed me into his home, and eventually, his heart.

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