sábado, julho 28, 2012

Self-Made One Shot ~

     It was a usual Sunday night. I was just lying in bed ready to go to sleep, just thinking about everything. All these thoughts rushed to my head. Mostly about Harry, my boyfriend. I had seen him only about a week ago, but even that was too much time apart from him. I missed him. I missed his smell, playing with those lush curls, the stare of his emerald eyes. He'd been so busy lately, with the band and all. Memories of us played like a movie in my head. 
     As I was dozing off to sleep, ready to dream sweet dreams about my Harry, I heard a thump at my window. I ran over quickly and opened it. My eyes widened as I looked down and saw my dreamy boyfriend. A hopeless romantic. This kind of thing was expected from Harry. He waved to me and blew me a kiss. I gestured for him to come up. Obliging, he grabbed onto the ladder and climbed up my fire escape. When he got to my window, he planted a gentle kiss on my lips and I could taste peppermint in my mouth. "I've missed you, Y/N" I told him I loved him and he returned the favor. We barely talked, but we didn't have to. Harry walked over to my bed, and we both lay down. For a long time, we just gazed into each other's eyes until I finally fell asleep, snuggled in his strong arms, feeling safer than ever.

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