terça-feira, agosto 07, 2012

Drama todayyy!

omg, so let me tell you guys the shit that went down today. remember cara and harry aka carry??? yeah, well apparently, the writers that wrote the article about them mistook faggot harry for PRINCE HARRY. yeah that's right. how the fuck did they do that i don't know like are you stupid ok. and also some girl posted a twitlonger on twitter, saying niall and zayn called this girl fat right in front of her. i honestly doubt it. believe what you want but i like proof. and besides, if that did happen, niall's probably a dick in real life anyway remember the pregnant lady. and zayn was probably just high LAWLZ. and also there's been a rumor that zayn moved in with perald. so yeah that's it bye KEESES TO MAH BITCHESZ <3456

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