quinta-feira, agosto 09, 2012

NOT MINE BUT THIS IS SO CUTE "how he tells you he wants to have a baby"

Harry: Harry’s long fingers are tracing patterns on your back in the cool hotel room. He’s spelling something out but you can’t get a handle on what it is. “B” you say, turning over and he nods. His fingers trail down to your stomach and he continues. “A” he nods, biting his lip and continues. “B” his fingers curl down you side, dipping in your belly button before he nods. “Y” you breathe and his whole hand splays across your stomach. “Baby” you breathe softly and he smiles. “You want a baby?” you question, turning your head to look at him and he nods.

Liam: “Liam… are you home?” you question, stepping into the home you share with your boyfriend of three years. He’s just turned 21 and the cozy town house was his present to the both of you and you weren’t complaining. “Up stairs” he calls and you follow his voice. “What… is this?” you question, in the doorway to find Liam in the middle of a spare room. There’s a single rocking chair by the window and he’s holding something. “A nursery” he tells you, pulling you into his arms to pass you the gift. It’s a platinum pacifier, both your names engraved on it and you smile. “There isn’t a date” you breathe against his lips and he smiles. “Let’s fix that” he responds.

Niall: You’re enjoying the warm summer sun when you get pelted with a beach ball. “I’m sorry” a woman stammers, hurrying over with a toddler at her side and you smile. “It’s alright” you say, leaning up to pass the little boy the beach ball and he squeals. “Someone’s having a good time?” you question and the little boy nods, trying to teethe on the ball before his mother takes it from him. You wave goodbye as Niall leans up next to you, pressing a kiss to your heated skin before watching mother and son waddle off. “We should have one” he says simply and you turn your head, hand lifted to block the sun out. “Really?” you question and he smiles. “Let’s start today” he says, gathering your stuff and drags you behind him back to the hotel.

Louis: “When are you going to make me a dad?” Louis says continuing to watch the television. “What?” You ask. “When do I get to be a dad?” he asks you. You look at him in confusion from the kitchen and then look up at the television to notice he was watching one of those baby shows on TLC. “Louis stop watching that shit Jesus,” you scold and go back to fixing dinner. “I’m serious,” he says getting up from the couch to meet you in the kitchen. He wraps his arms around your waist as you continue making dinner. Placing tiny kisses on your neck, he whispers in your ear, “I want you to make me a dad.” You turn around to him and see his serious eyes. You smile and wrap your arms around his neck kissing him.

Zayn: You woke up to the sound of Zayn’s shower. Wiping your eyes awake you yawn and sit up in the bed. You turn back to look to see what time it was and notice there’s a box next to your alarm clock. You pick it up with a confused look and open it. Inside there’s a necklace. On the necklace there’s a small blue baby bootie charm, as well as a small pink one. You take it out of the box and hold it up to look at it. You hear the shower turn off and take the necklace away from your face. He walks into the room drying his hair with his towel and smiles at you. “What’s this?” You say presenting him the necklace. “It’s a necklace,” he says stating the obvious. “Well yeah I know that, but what does it mean?” You ask. “It means, we need to be having a baby soon,” he says with a smile. “Really?” You ask excitedly. He nods and you jump up from the bed to wrap your arms around him.

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