sexta-feira, agosto 03, 2012

Their good morning tweets :) ((((i didn't make this))))

  • Niall: I miss my princess, @[Y/T/N] and her amazing meals. Love ya!
  • Zayn: Watching the sunrise, so beautiful! But not as beautiful as the lovely @[Y/T/N]! Love you, babe! Aha :D x
  • Louis: @[Y/T/N] fell asleep last night on Skype! I took lots of pictures, only because you're cute when you sleep, love. :)
  • Liam: @[Y/T/N] don't forget to feed my turtles! Also, tell them that mommy and daddy will be together again soon! :) love you.
  • Harry: On my way home...stagram? @[Y/T/N] can't wait to see you! We'll have fun when i get home... ;D

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