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One Shot I made... :)

     This summer was going to be sooo great. I could feel it. I’d been waiting for it a long time now, and so had my cousin, Yasmim. I was finally 18, her, 17. This meant we could finally start traveling on our own, discovering the world, like we’d planned since our childhood. We had never been out of the country before so it felt great knowing we were going to spend all summer in Brazil. It sounded so nice; the beaches, the food, and all the beautiful people. We just couldn’t wait for  our journey.
     The day finally came! We were running around, grabbing last minute items and shouting to each other all the things we had to experience while on vacation.
     Two weeks passed and everything was going just as planned. Yasmim and I were having the time of our lives! We had just arrived at our next stop, Rio de Janeiro. We stopped by a souvenir shop to get that part over with. There, we saw a notice about One Direction being in city. We’ve heard of them, of course, but we weren’t die hard fans so we didn’t think much of it, and carried on with our shopping. Little did we think      this was foreshadowing the day we would never forget…
     After some sightseeing the next day, we decided to go for some ice cream, as we were too drained to do anything else. We walked there in silence, the sun shining on our faces, enjoying every minute. I think we both just took the time to soak it all in. On our way there, a huge tour bus passed by, with the words ‘One Direction’ plastered on the side. We looked up in amazement. No, we weren’t huge fans but it definitely isn’t something you see everyday, so we waved at them jokingly. Much to our surprise, three of the boys poked their heads out, waving back. We laughed as the bus continued on its way. For some reason, we talked about that moment the rest of the way to the ice cream parlor and couldn’t get them out of our heads. Just then, the most incredible thing happened. 
     Two of the boys that waved at us from the bus walked into the ice cream parlor. The taller one was wearing a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and white converse, his curly brown hair peaking out of his beanie. The other one was tanner, wearing a white t-shirt under his light leather jacket and dark blue jeans, his hair in a quiff. Yasmim and I exchanged looks of disbelief and she nudged me to close my mouth (how embarrassing). They walked up to us and said hello. I said hi and quickly looked down, as I felt my face turn a rosy pink. “Hey, guys,” Yasmim replied, coolly. They looked surprised, and I remembered we were in Brazil, speaking English, so that was probably why. “Americans, huh?” the curly brown-haired one said. “Uh, yeah ha,” I said, still a little embarrassed but not sure why. We exchanged small talk, the boys telling us about One Direction’s concert in the city and us telling them about our adventurous summer in Brazil. “Wow, that sounds amazing,” Zayn said, staring into my eyes. His dark eyes and long eyelashes were mesmerizing. I stared deep into them before I said, “Yeah, I could say the same about you guys, so successful.” Both of the boys laughed it off and then it was silent for a little. 
     I couldn’t help but just stare at him. He was so beautiful and in that short amount of time I’ve known him, I couldn’t wish for anything more than to be with him. I quickly glanced over at Yasmim and Harry. He was clearly head over heals for Yasmim and vice versa. He looked like he wanted to kiss her but wasn’t sure if she felt the same. As I turned my head to look at Zayn again, he kissed me. It was just a peck but I was so happy he did it. “I’m sorry,” he said, shyly. He turned a bit red and I smiled like an idiot. We both laughed and Harry and Yasmim joined in. All of a sudden a very loud beep broke the awkwardness. “Oh we better go, but before we do..” Harry started to say, “Our concert’s tomorrow and we’d love if you ladies would come watch us.” A huge smile spread across his face that no one could resist. “We’d love to come!” I said, still focused on Zayn. He smiled at me and said, “That’s great, can’t wait to see you both there.” Quickly, we all exchanged numbers. Zayn kissed me again, this time for a little longer, as he grabbed my waist and I set my hands on his. We let go of each other and said goodbye. Yasmim and Harry both leaned in for a kiss this time and said goodbye to each other as well. The boys left and a few hours later, we both got texts from them. 
     The next day came. Yasmim and I were suddenly no longer interested in seeing what Brazil had to offer. We completely turned our attention to our boys and spent the whole day shopping for the perfect outfit for the concert. Once everything was bought, we got to our hotel and quickly dolled ourselves up, running late. 
The whole concert went amazing. We were given front row seats and the boys would look at us constantly. I felt as though there was no one else there, just me and Zayn. He looked as though he was singing to me, only. 
     I could safely say it was the best night of both our lives because after the concert, we went backstage, met the rest of the boys, and got to hang out with Zayn and Harry. It was getting late, and we had to head back to the hotel. “You know, we’re going to be touring in Brazil the rest of the summer. Why don’t you girls just stay with us?” Zayn suggested, happily. My heart raced. Of course I would love to!!! But it’d be selfish of me to say that, not knowing what Yasmim wanted. Before I could reply, she shouted, “That’d be amazing! We’d love to!” I looked at her, and nodded approvingly. Very soon, it became the best summer of our lives. And the best part was that when it came to an end, Zayn and I were  irrevocably in love, and so were Yasmim and Harry…

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